Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Review


If you’ve ever been on “tilt”, this book’s for you. Whether you game casually or are interested in sustaining a gaming career, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude might be what’s missing from your mental game to maximize your winnings.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Review

As you may guess by the title of the book, its sole purpose to change your perspective on life’s events. The book is abundant in real life stories of people who turned around an otherwise hapless situation. One example tells us of a salesman who went home on an icy, cold day with zero sales only to outsell the entire team the next day. We are constantly presented with anecdotal evidence followed by the author’s commentary throughout.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about the book is it doesn’t expect perfection. We all know how to feel good when things are going well, but many of us get down at the first sign of adversity. The authors want to build your resolve so no matter what comes your way, you can handle it. Better yet, you can become even better. If there’s one chapter that most accurately describes the spirit of the book it’s Chapter Six  – You’ve Got a Problem? That’s Good!

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude – 17 Success Principles


  1. A Positive Mental Attitude
  2. Definiteness of purpose
  3. Going the extra mile
  4. Accurate thinking
  5. Self-discipline
  6. The master mind
  7. Applied faith
  8. A pleasing personality
  9. Personal initiative
  10. Enthusiasm
  11. Controlled attention
  12. Teamwork
  13. Learning from defeat
  14. Creative vision
  15. Budgeting time and money
  16. Maintaining sound physical and mental health
  17. Using cosmic habit force (universal law)

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Quotes

“Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit for those who have a PMA (positive mental attitude).”

“When you have a positive mental attitude, the problems of your world tend to bow before you.”

“Rearrange your attitudes and convert a failure of one day into success on another.”

“If life hands us a problem, it hands us also the abilities with which to meet the problem.”

“One word can cause an argument. Be specific when communicating.”

“Repeated victories of your problems are the rungs on your ladder of success.”

“Your success or failure to meet the challenges of change are dependent upon your mental attitude.”

How it applies to your gaming hobby or career


The majority of the rage quits we experience in online gaming is a result of negative thinking. And it can be very easy for someone else’s selfish act to affect us negatively. What if there was a way to keep your composure and even possibly turn those advantages into disadvantages? Well there is, and it all comes down to your attitude.

Usually we rage because we want to win, but many of us were never taught that we have a better chance to win if we can continually see the opportunities in response to life events. Instead of seeing failure and defeat, we begin to see how we can use the momentum of the moment to turn it around.

This is similar to using someone’s momentum and body weight against them while practicing Judo. If you are at a disadvantage in a fight, you MUST be thinking in that moment: “How can I turn this around?”

And guess what, life is a fight. It is in our best interest to approach things with a constructive mentality instead of a destructive one. Thinking negatively is addicting and habit forming. Well, I’ve got news for you, so is thinking positively. Let’s turn it around boys.

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2 thoughts on “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Review”

  1. This one struck me “Rearrange your attitudes and convert a failure of one day into success on another.”

    Had a fight with my dad in the car the other day. He asked why I didn’t want to help him with a particular task coming up and I was hesitant to give him my real opinion because I knew it would offend him, but he poked the dragon and I told him my real feelings about it. He got upset and told me I have issues which set me off. We both said some things that offended the other and no one apologized. For a couple days after I was stewing about how horrible of an interaction that was and how nothing really got resolved. I thought about just swallowing my pride and apologizing to my dad, but then again why should I be the one to apologize when I’m just sharing my honest opinion? Seems pretty fucked up to tell your kid they have issues especially when I thought we worked out these kinds of things in family therapy.

    My next thought was that this is something I don’t ever want to happen between me and my future kid(s). I will not repeat the same mistake of being so disconnected from my children, or at the very least won’t tell them they have issues just because I may have different values than they do.

    So I feel like it’s a success that I have learned one thing NOT to do. =p

    1. Way to go for seeing the positive in that experience. It definitely isn’t easy at times, especially when it’s family. Seems like you’ve made a decision to break the cycle of dysfunction you’ve experienced, and I gotta respect that!

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