Gamer Workout: How to Keep Fit as a Gamer


Welcome to the Gamer Gym! Whether it’s too cold outside or you can’t afford a gym membership, I’ve got a simple and powerful Gamer Gym Rig you’ll get outstanding value out of. Let’s make sure your gaming life is enjoyed in good health with a solid gamer workout setup.

The following Gamer Gym Rig will allow you to nail a full body workout. Not to mention it’s cost-effective and takes up little to no space. Who said it had to be hard and complicated to get a gamer workout in?

Best workouts for gamers

A gamer workout needs to be easy, effective, and efficient. What makes this setup so valuable is you can utilize it for just a minute or two while sitting in queue or scale it up to a full-scale, intense workout.

1. Rebounding

Hands down, the most fun gamer workout is rebounding! That’s right, we’re setting up a mini-trampoline in your gaming room!

The best part is, it takes up limited space and it’s super easy on your joints. Not to mention it’s a lot more fun than some other cardio workouts and warming up on it is a breeze. You don’t have to change into your running shoes or workout clothes, either!

I bought my first mini trampoline a few years ago, and it’s one of the best and most underrated workouts you can get. It’s one of the best exercises you can do to drain your lymphatic system. Why does this matter at all?

Because it boosts your immune system big time!
Now, tell me that’s not reason enough to be included in your gamer workout.

When you’re sitting in queue, you can just take a few steps from your chair and start hopping on your rebounder to keep things moving.

If you weigh 220lbs or less, this Ancheer model is a great, cost-effective choice:
Or this Bounce & Burn model can take up to 265lbs:
If you’re the type of gamer that rode in on a Spectral Tiger then the Bellicon Classic is the no brainer for best-in-class:
If you’re looking for weight loss, go with this outstanding workout:

Or if you’re ready for some strength and cardio:

2. Kettlebells

They take up practically no room, and the utility you get out of owning just one of them is astronomical. After hopping on the rebounder for a while, your body is nice and warmed up and ready for some strength training.

Know your body. Do not practice any new weight training exercise without properly training the technique with light weight first.

There is zero shame with doing really light weight. It can tone the hell out of you, in fact. Proper form with controlled movements outclasses heavy weight with sloppy form. Form first. Adding weight is the easy part.

I currently own just one 35 lb. kettlebell, and with it I generally just do goblet squats and deadlifts. Toss in some calf raises and you’ve got a full leg workout.

Super efficient and really effective.

Did I mention the deadlift is one of the most healing, corrective exercises for healthy posture?

Rep Kettlebells

If you’re confident in your mobility and form, dive right into this workout (the kettlebell swing should be done with caution if you’re new to it):

3. Pull-ups

It’s hard to get more bang for your buck than the classic pull-up. Once again, it’s quick, effective, and yields extraordinary results. Make sure you go down all the way, and if you can’t do that yet, just go as low as you can go.

You can either do them fast for high rep count or do them very, very slow to target certain muscles that get passed up with fast reps. Try static holds as well and you’re sure to feel the burn.

If you’re looking for some solid ab work, hang from your pull-up bar and do leg raises!

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

FYI, it’s normal for these home pull up bars to leave scuffs around the door frame so just a heads up.

If you’re a beginner, no problem! This video is an oldie, but a goodie (and +1 for him stating how you’ll be even better at these with a cardio routine, queue the rebounder!):

If you’re looking for a tough workout instead, check out this 8 minute workout:

How to put your gamer workout all together

The beauty of the equipment above is that it all fits in your gaming room without a sweat. So again, in between matches or any other downtime in your gaming session, you can get some blood pumping.

If you’re going for a full workout, you’ll have no problem getting a workout that rivals what you could get done at the gym.

It’s a ton of fun to alternate between the rebounder, kettlebell, and pull-up bar. You can bounce for a while, hop off for a few pull-ups, then squat a few times with the kettlebell just while you’re in passing.

That’s it! You can now start to train the whole body and stay very fit and healthy all from the comfort of your gaming room. Be sure to refuel with some good quality food and check out my post: Healthy Grocery List: Why It’s Worth It and How to Put It All Together.

Please share this with all of your gaming buds who are looking to get fit!


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  1. The best is when you play a game that has moments of wait time so you can play and exercise at the same time. Turn-based games, or when you die in a round of first person shooter. Great time to stay active.

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